All About types of cells and load cell.

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today, many industries use in his scales, the equipments and systems of weight with sensors of weight or load cells that work with a load cells or several cells of load, mounted in the same platform of weight , because this one scales, Scale or assembly of tanks, chutes or silos they turns out to be more precise and reliable due to his electronic digital calibration and the facility for his maintenance in his period of useful life. The load cells, load cells or load gages are transducers that convert a force to an electrical measurable exit. The load gage is made of different types and models as hydraulic load gage, pneumatic load gage and the cell of tension load and / or compression made of a metallic piece of steel alloyed with a small adhered tape that measures the deformation of the material and that commonly names them as strain gauge that is most used at this moment and that they dominate the heavy industry, except those that need to preserve his current mechanical scales.

load cells.

What are load cells?


Bring a bit of history between these measures will lead to the use of scales and balances created for a digital electronic generation. Unlike our past based on a weight of levers and pivots used by the ancient scales systems.

The invention of the load cell and its application to the weighing systems, completely transformed the weighing industry and revolutionized this new sensor technology digital weight for the benefit of the large number of users at commercial, industrial and personal level requiring greater accuracy and reliability in weighing operations at a lower cost. The incorporation of the load cell to the scale and is an index of utility that preserves the accuracy and consistency in weighing operations with this type of load sensors.

The load sensor AIDS or digital electronic measurement capability of cells needed in the industry. With it, people probably improve their knowledge to see if the weight calculation and products can be measured in an accurate way, therefore, the load cell can usually be measured with greater than or equal precision is determined 0.0001% accuracy. Although the scales and mechanical scales are not used because they have certainly added a chapter to the history of measurements and still in some countries, thanks to the wonders of technology load cells, scales technical scales become old scales and electronic equipment mechanical weighing down the costs of buying a new electronic equipment. In celdadecarga.com we will be happy to provide all those interested in this type of sensors obtained at very cheap prices and of course all the necessary technical assistance for the implementation, adaptation and / or replacement, as we understand that the choices are endless in this world of the load cell, more..